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1. Resell for resell: Change colors, turn off layers (if possible) and have unique dolls in your store. Sell them separately in PNG for "kits for pu" or use for your CU / PU kits.

1.2. If it's R4R Bundle - use all the possibilities: change colors, play with layers, combine one image with another; Sell in sets or separately according to the same rules as above.

2. Please, when you sell CU, do not make your price lower than $ 1.

There must be one minimum price for all.

Too low prices - this is dumping. Dumping is not welcome in our community.

3. You can attract your customers in another way: create unique color options, buy my bundles to combine elements and create hundreds of new options. Sell sets or individual items. Please never sell PDS with layers!

4. Please, never mix the layers / elements of other artists with mine.

5. You can sell my pictures for CU at a price below $ 1 only in case of a sale. But this should be for a maximum of 24-72 hours and not more than once in 2 months. You can also do a sellout on Black Friday, as well as you can make a sell-off "off-season". Let's say Halloween is over, and you can make a winter sale on the theme "Halloween." Like in any other real store. Please do not sell new collections at a discount!

Thank you very much! <3