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TOU by LadyMishka

I answer customer questions:

1) Do you allow more than one chibi in a kit
KIT - means a set. You can make a set of 500 elements or of 2 - this is your business. Artists never controlled how many elements your kits were from.
2) Do you allow a chibi with another artists cu / pu tube
Similarly with kits. It is the same. Small sets, large sets - it does not matter.
3) Do you allow colourizing of your chibi's?
Naturally. All my pictures have layers and everyone can create any color options.
In addition, if there are additional options, such as wings or a hat, you can enable or disable this.
4) Do you allow your Chibi's in Free kits?
No. My pictures cannot be in Free kits or otherwise shared for free.
5) What if the kit was PTU and is now FTU?
I do not know these types of licenses and do not understand them. I am an artist.

Free is prohibited in any form
Girls, artists want to draw. But we try to comply with the rules within the tagging community.
R4R license allows you to sell pictures in PNG format without layers.
This is the most important rule.
You can change colors, etc., you can combine my pictures and pictures of another artist into one set, because this is called kit. And you can sell my pictures in kits and sets.
But you cannot give away these pictures for free.
You cannot sell PSD with layers.
Of course, you can be tricky and sell for 1 cent ... this is tantamount to being free.
Yes, we do not have an adjustment of "at least $ 1."
But be reasonable, please.
Cunning, cheating, sooner or later, will ruin your business and good relationships with people.